In light of today’s polarized government ecosystem, the art of local diplomacy has lost attention but retains significant relevance. Just as global diplomacy is dedicated to promoting global prosperity across large multi-stakeholder groups in complex negotiations, local diplomacy at its core facilities successful governance through the same fundamental processes.

The United States representative government was formed on the foundation of understanding public sentiment. Local diplomacy is the key to carrying the public message to the forefront to craft future legislation. With the advent of technology and an overabundance of information, sorting relevant and reputable sources has diverted attention. Without an informed and strategic approach , one’s message is easily lost.

Local diplomacy is the ability to have regional expertise to fully resolve any local government issues.  Through a strong network, knowledge and local cooperation, representatives of multi-faceted stakeholders conduct effective and tactful negotiations between local government officials. The objective for these diplomatic issues is to come to mutual agreements to better benefit the local region and resolve conflict. Containing a robust knowledge of local legislature is essential for all issues regarding government presence.