Bartell & Associates is a full-service, certified Veteran owned, award-winning firm specializing in public, government and media relations.

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Bartell & Associates is an award winning government and public affairs firm. Our 30+ years of experience enables us to offer an across-the-board approach to overcoming challenges and achieving clients’ long-term and short-term goals. We combine proven techniques and personal tenacity to create all-encompassing campaigns that extend beyond traditional agency boundaries.


“Jim Bartell’s help was critical in securing the approval of the entitlements for a complex and controversial large scale, single family and multi-family residential project in the city of San Diego.”
Scott Sandstrom, Division president of a large public homebuilder and 2005 San Diego Building Industry Association president


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Legislative Updates

  • Filling California’s Redevelopment Gap

    Three years after redevelopment agency dissolution, the State Legislature is considering a number of options to fill the funding & authority gap. The dissolution of […]

  • Examining the “Right to Try” Right to Try

    “Right to Try” Legislation Would Simplify Compassionate Access & Remove Regulatory Barriers One new piece of legislation making inroads in the 2015 legislative session is […]

  • Workers Comp Reform Hits & Misses Workers' Compensation

    The 2011-2012 legislative session saw the passage of one of the largest reforms to Workers’ Compensation law in nearly a decade, Senate Bill 863 (SB […]

San Diego Regional News

  • San Diego’s Blue Tech Economy Blue Technology

    Growing Recognition of San Diego’s Blue Tech Economy Offers Opportunities for Regional and National Leadership Recently, there has been increasing media and local government attention […]

  • Reconciling Dual Identities: Toursim & Advanced Industry

    One of San Diego’s greatest challenges is bridging the gap between its tourist identity and its advanced industrial business culture. While San Diego has solidified […]

  • San Diego: A Global City? San Diego downtown

    Located on the U.S.-Mexico border and the Pacific Rim, San Diego was established since it’s infancy as a significant global city. Originating as a key […]