Public And Media Relations

Bartell & Associates are experts at generating positive public and media coverage that creates widespread exposure (without astronomical advertising costs) and lends credibility to clients’ campaigns, corporations, and causes.

Public Relations 

Bartell & Associates serves as advocates for local and national businesses and organizations. We employ traditional and creative public relations strategies to sustain a positive public image of our clients. Whether you are looking to foster goodwill in the community, clean up a negative image or position your company effectively in the public eye.

Media Relations

Bartell & Associates leverages public support to influence public policy to support individual, institutional, and corporate goals. Our tactical approach builds support for clients’ interests by implementing targeted campaigns to engage policy makers, community leaders, public interest groups, and the public.

Coalition Building

Bartell & Associates specializes in working to build effective coalitions of supporters while limiting the influence of any opposition. We mobilize organizations and community members to create a foundation of support for your cause, and implement damage control to combat inaccurate information that may circulate within the community while articulating and delivering your messages accurately and effectively.

Community Outreach

Bartell & Associates has extensive experience in tactical community engagement designed to achieve support through effective communication and collaborative solutions within communities.