International Business Services

International companies face a number of challenges in acquiring and setting up businesses in the United States. From understanding local, state and federal regulations to public relations and marketing, Bartell & Associates provides the expertise and services needed to smooth any transition.

For American companies, our international partners provide advisory and tactical introductions within their home countries to provide the most expedited and effective entry into specified markets. Partner regions include:

  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • Latin America

Market Entry Process

Bartell & Associates provides a unique and effective market entry process. As an active influencer of San Diego policies with service offerings in government, public and community relations, Bartell & Associates has developed expertise in aiding companies as they enter the San Diego market. Whether new to international expansion or an informed veteran, the Bartell & Associates team provides all clients with a set of services necessary to facilitate transition.

1.     Introduction to Market

  • Business Opportunity Analysis
  • Business Fact Finding Tour

2.     Build Strategic Network

  • Introduction to key figures
  • Introduction to key community leaders/clients/venders

3.     Identify Site Location

  • Develop site location criteria
  • Identify qualified sites
  • Community and site analysis

4.     Business Formation

  • Business Registration
  • Incentives and tax credit identification

5.     Position Human Resources

  • Visas for management and families
  • Personnel Recruitment

6.     Develop Marketing Strategy

  • Identification of goals
  • Social media analysis
  • Media Relations

7.     Implementation of Targeted Campaigns

  • Video, advertising and media release
  • Grand opening event 

Crisis Management (when necessary)

  • Coalition building
  • Development of positive public image
  • Facilitation of opposition meetings